12 top tips to land your dream job!

In honour of our 12th birthday, we wanted to share our 12 top tips to help you secure your dream job! We've helped hundreds of candidates with their job search across the real estate sector internationally and by following these key points, you will be set up for the best possible outcome.  

GKR London recruits into Residential Agency & New Homes Development, Commercial Real Estate, Investment & Finance,  Property Management & Office Support, and Interior Architecture & Design representing all levels of experience of permanent and contract/temporary professionals. 

  1. Determine your reasons for leaving; at GKR, we encourage you really think about what is making you unhappy at work; it might be your paycheck, commute, the management style, hierarchy, or team. Whatever the reason, discuss them with your current employer before beginning your job search. This does not mean handing in your resignation but approaching the conversation in a professional and diplomatic manner that will allow you to explore and assess the possibility of alleviating these frustrations together. Counteroffers should be expected, so if that is your end goal, there is no need to begin your job search after all.   
  2. Update your CV; this is often the first thing either your recruitment consultant or prospective employer will likely receive from you as part of your application, so it should be checked, checked again, and then triple-checked for any spelling or grammatical errors, layout issues or outdated information. Include all of your recent accomplishments and achievements and be sure to tailor your CV specifically to the type of role you are applying to. For example, shortening previous experiences that are no longer relevant.
  3. Seek professional recommendations; a brilliant way to demonstrate credibility from the outset would be to accompany your CV with a professional recommendation from someone who you have worked alongside or reported to previously. These might include references to your character and approach at work, the duties you held at the time as well as your ability to perform these duties / to what standard. A gleaming recommendation might just be enough to secure you that interview! 
  4. Establish exclusivity with your chosen recruiter; working exclusively with a recruiter is the most under-estimated element of a potential job search. Why wouldn’t you want 100% of our undivided attention? We offer exclusive candidates a bespoke service providing you with a planned approach for the top 5-6 companies in the market. With full visibility of the industry and long-established relationships with hiring managers internationally, we can increase your value and streamline your job search journey.
  5. Do your research; approaching any job search it is important that you feel confident in the direction you are taking your career next, which includes the ability to confidently portray your understanding of the market, potential employers that might be of interest to you, or even the recruitment partner you ultimately agree to work with. Research is key, and at GKR we take a great sense of pride in ensuring we work closely with our network to share our knowledge and experiences to support them with their understanding of the recruitment landscape. 
  6. Be proactive; any way that you can make yourself positively stand out amongst other applicants, the better but this needs to be constructive. Work with your recruiter at GKR to market yourself and ensure you are seen by the right hiring managers. For example, send a personalised connection request to the hiring manager on LinkedIn, or follow up on your applications with a phone call to demonstrate your enthusiasm and interest whilst making a positive impression. 
  7. Communicate effectively; when discussing your search, it is important you can clearly and effectively communicate your reasons for leaving, your 'must-haves' and deal breakers, short and long-term goals, and expectations to your chosen recruitment partner and interviewers. You will have identified these early on, so it is key that you manage expectations by ensuring all parties are kept up to date and on the same page. 
  8. Get interview ready; interviewing comes more naturally to some than others but the more practice you can get in before the real thing, the stronger your interview skills will be! At GKR we work closely with our candidates to ensure you can confidently represent yourselves, your strengths, and your ambitions whilst making a fantastic first impression. Speak to one of our consultants for roleplay interviews, or to learn more about body language/cues, effective questioning, and how to close.
  9. Make a great first impression; whether interviewing over the telephone, via virtual video, or in person, first impressions really do count! For telephone interviews, a quiet and non-distracting environment will eliminate the possibility of background noise. Virtual video interviews will require some preplanning to ensure a clear and professional background, good camera quality, and no invasive light sources such as windows behind you. Finally, dress to impress and always ensure you are punctual! 
  10. Interview your interviewer; never forget to prepare questions in advance. You will almost always be given the opportunity towards the end of most interviews to ask the employer any questions you might have, which is a critical opportunity not to be missed. Whilst ensuring you fully understand the requirements and remits of the position, these questions can be tailored to further demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role, showcase confidence and self-awareness, and to require employers to envision you working within their team.  
  11. Manage expectations; honesty and integrity are two of our core values at GKR as the importance of managing expectations remains a key priority of ours. Offering comprehensive feedback to our consultants post-interview will help them to work proactively on your behalf to secure the very best job in the market for you. By keeping our employers informed with regular updates on your behalf, as well as a clear understanding of your wider job search, our clients can make informed and educated decisions in a timely manner. 
  12. Follow up; keeping in regular communication with your recruiter and following up with your clients personally after each interview reflects brilliantly on any job seeker. Use this as a chance to thank employers for their time, convey your enthusiasm, and to ask for feedback; this offers immediate insight into your character and style of communication, and additionally opens a direct line of communication between you and the employers to engage with one another. 

Hopefully, you can then bask in the glory of receiving and accepting your dream job offer before celebrating with our team over a coffee, or something stronger! 

Get in touch with our team to introduce yourself and learn more about some of the fantastic positions we are advertising for immediate starts. Don't forget to wish us a happy birthday too! 

Written by Molly Shoesmith, Operations Manager at GKR London Property Recruitment. 
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