A message to candidate’s who “like to keep their options open.”

There’s little that frustrates me more than a candidate without direction. A candidate who ‘doesn’t mind’ what type of company they work for or the size of the team they’re within. A candidate who insists they’re better off ‘keeping their options open;’ they apply for an endless list of jobs (some they are not even qualified for) and often end up accepting the first opportunity offered. 

However, there are also candidates who know exactly what they would like to achieve, they know their direction and they seek advice. This is the type of candidate I enjoy dealing with as they provide an opportunity where I can add a lot of value.

Unfortunately, if you speak with too many recruiters at one time, your chances of securing something that you really want are reduced. Let me tell you the reasons why:

Your experience and capabilities could be mis-represented.

Do you believe that five different recruiters will represent your experience and your desires in five different messages, consistently, to potential employers across the market? No, I don’t think so.

Do you have the time to express on five separate occasions, to the same level of detail, everything about your career? Again, I don’t think so.

My advice to you as the candidate is to pick one or two recruiters that have genuinely taken the time to understand you, your past and your future so they can find you exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Different recruiters will pick up on different things, but you have got to show them around your CV to give you the best chance of being understood.
  2. Different personalities will engage with you on a different level, but you must make the effort to meet with and develop your best possible working relationship.
  3. Different recruitment agencies will deliver different levels of service, so make sure you understand how each agent works differently from the last to make an informed decision to work with those that will assist you best.

Your CV could be received on more than one occasion.  

Do you think that submitting your CV in application on multiple occasions and slightly different reflections of your background will stand you in good stead? I really hope not.

Do you think the employer will be discouraged by your lack of organisation and attention to detail? Jackpot - yes is your answer.

You’ve probably seen or read about this somewhere else as unfortunately this still happens far too often. I don’t think candidates consider the repercussions of a duplicated application as much as they should, and I don’t think some recruiters have come to terms with the devastating affects it can towards someone’s career.

It could be damaging, long-term.

Depending on the market you work within, it’s very likely that like property - people know people who know people. Very quickly your reputation could be tarnished, and it could travel – fast.  

If you are considering new opportunities currently, regardless of which field or what level of experience, I am asking you to figure out your direction first and then work with one or two recruiters to get there. At GKR London, we often work with candidates on an exclusive agreement working towards results within a set period; it’s these instances that are smoothest for everyone involved. Get in touch with our team if you are looking for a property recruiter to partner with.

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