Being a successful recruiter in a hard market.

As this global crisis starts to harden recruitment markets, turning it into a client driven market with more candidates available for less positions, we need to look at the best ways of recruiting. We need to support our clients, candidates and each other whilst we navigate the self-isolation/working from home period; buckle down, re-think our strategy and keep looking forward.

Client Control.

Working closely with your clients, understanding how they plan to manage the crisis, their business and their workforce will be key in order to advise on strategic decisions. The most successful recruiters will be able to inform clients around other successful strategies in practice, and they will be able to present the best qualified candidates who are available for virtual interviewing, and where required, digital onboarding in order to move quickly.

Working with the best talent.

With more candidates searching and other recruiters also hot on the tail of the best talent, separating yourself from the rest has never been more applicable. You must go above and beyond with these candidates, advise them around not only your roles but the market changes, staying in regular contact. It’s very likely that many of your candidates will also be working from home and/or self-isolating so utilise the opportunity for open dialogue to strengthen your relationships and the quality of their CV’s! Be as thorough as possible, finding all available opportunities for him/her and there will be no reason for them to seek additional help elsewhere; exclusivity will be your secret weapon.

Advertising and online presence.

Through any downturn, maintaining a strong online presence and making sure you are advertising all live roles on multiple outlets will give a strong impression to both clients and candidates. All these things are cyclical, and people warm to businesses and brands that don’t hide away during tough times. The same goes for your clients and candidates too which provides you with an additional opportunity to advise and coach them through it.

Business development.

I think it goes without saying that cold calls, in the current climate particularly, are likely to cause some serious damage to your personal brand. The last thing we want to be doing is turning a blind eye to the pandemic; yes, at GKR London we are encouraging business as usual but that also entails understanding how we and our consumers feel during unprecedented times. Start with “How are you?” and follow their lead. Be more than just a recruiter; focus on how you can support your clients during this period so that they can make an impact when things return to normal. Imbedding yourself now will be critical on the other side… hope to see you all there.

Written by Sam Pemberton-Hill, Senior Finance Consultant at GKR London Property Recruitment.
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