Celebrities who've grafted too.

Did you know that before all the glitz, glory and glamour, many of our celebrities grafted too with their fair share of odd jobs and faux pas ahead of achieving stardom? You’ll (hopefully) be surprised to learn that Pierce Brosnan can spit fire, Christopher Walken can tame lions and Patrick Dempsey can professionally juggle! There’s more though, from the ordinary to the spooky to the completely absurd. Enjoy reading!

The Ordinary


Believe it or not, Madonna once worked at Dunkin Donuts serving customers their favourite sweet treats, though it didn’t last long as she was sacked for squirting donut jam on some of the customers.

Kanye West

Kanye worked as a Sales Assistant at GAP when he was just a teenager which he even rapped about in one of his songs. Kanye claimed the store got his ‘creative juices flowing.’ “Let’s go back, back to the GAP.”

Johnny Depp

Would you buy a ballpoint pen from Johnny Depp? You could have had the chance! He once said,

“I was selling pens. You’re calling people who don’t want you to call them. You put on your best fake voice and try and sell them ballpoint pens with their name printed on them.” 

The Spooky

Whoopi Goldberg worked as a Morgue Beautician. Apparently, her boss at the time once hid in one of the drawers and jumped out at her to reassure her that ‘it was the worst that could happen and there was nothing to be afraid of!’

Danny Devito trained to wash and style hair in his sister’s beauty salon before taking up work in a mortuary one summer ensuring the females had their best hair do before going six-feet-under. He claimed to enjoy the perks of the job as his 40-odd colleagues were pretty much entirely female!

Ozzy Osbourne"For the first four weeks, I did nothing but throw up."

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne once worked in a slaughterhouse, cleaning up the remains. He said,

The Completely Absurd!

Megan Fox

Can you believe there was once a time when someone wanted to cover up Megan Fox's killer bod? Megan used to work for a smoothie shop in Florida and had to wear a full-on banana costume.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt worked in several quirky jobs before landing himself his big screen debut. One of the more comical involved him wearing a head-to-toe chicken suit for a fast food chain. 

Victoria Beckham

In her early days, Victoria "Posh" Beckham dressed up as a sperm on roller skates for a BBC sexual education show called Body Matters. This was pre-Spice Girls and pre-David Beckham of course!

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