Don't drop your pants!

Looking for a new job can be hard. It can be boring. It can be amazing and life changing.... But so many people apply for roles that they haven’t researched properly and so many more people apply for jobs that ask for KEY experience that they don’t possess; so many people drop their pants. No not literally, but far too often we speak to candidates looking for new opportunities, who have settled for less than what they set out to achieve...

It might be considered the easier option, or the faster solution, a steppingstone or a change in the right direction but settling on your career will be extremely short-lived. The same goes for counter offers as all of these reasons still apply. Counteroffers also often settle for less than the reasons you set out to leave in the first place, and whilst a hefty paycheck or shorter hours might do the trick for a few months, it won’t provide any long-term satisfaction or solution to the fact that your being overlooked in your workplace, or perhaps their unrealistic target structure is sucking the life out of you. Settling on yourself is the first step to giving up on yourself and your career.

If you focus on a couple of key roles that you are qualified for, interested in and have researched properly, you are far more likely to have a higher success rate. You won’t be bombarded by so many recruiters and you will be appropriately prepared for any prospective screening calls to represent yourself in the best light. Here is the simple tip!! Have a thorough read of the job spec, draft a captivating and relevant short personal summary on your profile and apply your interest strategically to a select few market experts and recruiters that you know you can trust.

When it comes to getting a new role, you need to make sure it is right for you. Know why you are leaving, what you are leaving for and your top priorities to achieve the desired change in the right direction. Next, stick to it and don’t drop your pants!

We do things differently here at GKR and put everyone’s best interests at heart. On the office support desk, we constantly have lots of new and exciting roles ranging from front office/receptionist positions, back office support roles, Marketing, Finance, IT, HR, all the way to Head of Department jobs (i.e. Regional Support, Head of Operations, PA, EA etc.) Get in touch with us if you are looking for work in the property sector!  

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