Don't pick a job, pick a boss.

When I came across this phrase on LinkedIn, it really got me thinking. During my career I have helped well over one hundred professionals change their jobs, introducing them to their new boss during the interview process. I have also changed jobs five times myself; four of them, however, have all been with the same boss. I have only chosen to move companies once and subsequently also changed bosses; that was 3 years ago. Since then, I have worked hard to achieve promotions and I’ve stayed at GKR London Property Recruitment as a combined result of my self-development, my team, my commute, my salary, my work/life balance and of course... my boss.

Did you know?
  • One in four workers were looking to leave their job because of managers failing to engage and retain staff, according to Chartered Institute of Personal Development.
  • More than two-fifths (41 per cent) of workers had skipped work because of a terrible boss, 20 per cent had been forced to take sick leave and 21 per cent had resigned. Two per cent of employees took their absences a step further, saying they had ‘gone AWOL’ and simply left without telling anyone, according to Glassdoor.
Why did I pick my boss?

I’ve never had a really bad boss. I count myself very lucky as most people I know have at least one horror story to share. I have not felt the need to ‘skip work’ or ‘go AWOL’ but, I have changed bosses. Literally speaking, I have also changed jobs. Figuratively speaking, I accepted an opportunity to do the very same responsibilities I was doing before - with a different boss. Why?

  • He tried; working in my first ‘proper’ job I was skeptical about making any drastic decisions to leave too quickly. After exchanging multiple messages, I realised that everything I’ve ever wanted has always been one step outside of my comfort zone, and I agreed to meet him. I was a nervous wreck from that moment on with one eye on my (at the time) boss and one eye always looking behind me - there was no way I could take time off to interview! So, he came to me, to my local coffee shop and even after working hours so that I didn’t have to be nervous.
  • He got to know me; it wasn’t until about 30 minutes into the interview that we began discussing job roles or responsibilities. For the first 30 minutes he asked about me; my up-bringing, my education, my hobbies, my interests and the challenges I had faced that had shaped my character. We covered a lot and it allowed us to find common ground outside of the workplace before beginning to cover the similarities in our skill-sets.
  • He listened; I have always been made to feel very comfortable about expressing the way I feel and that started in the coffee shop. We’ve all got our story, right? Unfortunately (for some reason unknown to me), we haven’t all got time for other people’s – my boss had time for mine. The right people for you and your brand will differ to the next but you will inspire them, and they will inspire you for no other reason than believing the same values.

I had enjoyed the interview, I felt he was genuine and I was excited by his words of encouragement and belief in me – not my CV. After a few more interviews I was offered the opportunity, but it wasn’t until I went to sign & return the paperwork that I laid eyes on the offices I was going to be working in for the first time, I met the team I was going to be surrounded by and working with and I tested my commute.

I picked my boss. Although bosses can change, a good boss in a mediocre company will protect and support you, and a bad boss in a good company will frustrate and demoralize you. A good boss in a good company will unlock your potential. Thank you Grant Kaveney, for unlocking mine.

Whether it’s your manager or your commute that’s getting you down, we are here to help you find the right job or right boss, for you. GKR London recruit across London & Greater Home Counties sourcing for entry-level to Senior & Board level opportunities in the property industry. We are also growing our team looking for an experienced contract/interim recruiter to head up and grow this division - apply here!

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