Business Awards 2024: GKR has been shortlisted!

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Business Awards 2024: GKR has been shortlisted!

We are elated to announce that GKR International - Real Estate Talent Specialists has been officially shortlisted for the Business Awards UK, Recruitment Awards 2024! 

GKR International: Talent Partnership with Druce

To support this strategic initiative, Druce has partnered with GKR International, a renowned recruitment firm, to bring top-tier talent into the business. This partnership is set to further bolster Druce’s position as a market leader.

Election impact on Sustainable Design: shaping the Built Environment's future

The built environment, encompassing architecture, urban planning, and sustainable design, stands at a pivotal juncture following the latest general election.

The post-election outlook for Property Management and Professional Services

With the announcement of Labour's win in the UK's general election, attention now turns to how the new government's policies will shape the landscape of property management and professional services…

Labour's Housing agenda: What it means for Homebuyers and Investors

As the dust settles on the recent general election, the UK's residential real estate market is poised for potential shifts that could impact both homebuyers and investors alike.

A year of growth and positivity in the property market

What a difference a year makes—that’s certainly what it feels like. Even though we might not be in “peak” market conditions, the property recruitment world has definitely levelled up.  

London property market "pre-election"

Employers and jobseekers can benefit from staying informed about evolving policies and market trends to optimise real estate decisions and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

GKR International: Shortlisted for 'Best Candidate Care' at the Recruiter Awards 2024! ✨

GKR International - Real Estate Talent Specialists has been shortlisted for the 'Best Candidate Care' category in the prestigious Recruiter Awards 2024!

The impact of Leasehold Reform

With the promise of increased rights and protections for homeowners, there arises a need for skilled professionals who can navigate these changes effectively, providing invaluable expertise and guidance to clients and organisations alike. 

Employment dynamics shaped by Real Estate trends

The resilience and recovery observed in the UK housing market have the potential to stimulate employment growth across various sectors within the property industry.

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