UK general election puts affordable housing in the spotlight

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UK general election puts affordable housing in the spotlight

The election debates are fostering a national conversation about housing that is long overdue. Regardless of which party comes into power, the focus on housing should continue, with a sustained effort to implement effective policies and address the underlying challenges.

Q1 - 2024: Retained Success

Our retained search services present a strategic partnership tailored to address our client’s crucial talent requirements with precision and dedication.

Easter Blooms: cultivating your real estate career

As spring brings new beginnings, it's the perfect time to explore the exciting avenues available in the ever-evolving world of real estate, guided by the expertise of GKR International, your…

Working with Recruiters at GKR International

Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking advancement or a newcomer eager to make your mark, understanding how to effectively collaborate with recruiters can significantly enhance your prospects within the industry.

Creating an inclusive workplace during Ramadan

Here are some practical steps employers can take to ensure a supportive workplace environment during Ramadan.

Budget Announcement; what this means for property

Overall, while there are positive aspects such as anticipated reductions in mortgage rates and investments in key sectors, there are also concerns regarding the need for more support to increase housing supply and address issues in the property industry.

The tech revolution in Real Estate

Technology isn't just changing how we interact with properties—it's fundamentally transforming the way we do business, innovate, and thrive in the industry.

Discovering global Real Estate hotspots

The global real estate landscape offers boundless opportunities for career growth, professional development, and personal fulfilment.

Budget 2024

As the Budget speech approaches, the prime property sector remains poised for potential transformations.

Real Estate: building a more inclusive industry

Research tells us that diverse teams outperform their counterparts, delivering better results and driving innovation.

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