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A year of growth and positivity in the property market

What a difference a year makes—that’s certainly what it feels like. Even though we might not be in “peak” market conditions, the property recruitment world has definitely levelled up.  

Rethinking recruitment: John Lewis Partnership

One recent development that has sparked both admiration and scrutiny is the bold move by the John Lewis Partnership to publicly disclose their interview questions.

Q2: Real Estate recruitment trends

Embracing technology, championing sustainability, specialising in niche markets, fostering diversity and inclusion, and cultivating adaptability are key strategies for success in this dynamic industry.

The Impact of Remote Work on Hiring

Remote work has revolutionised the modern workforce, and its impact on hiring practices is undeniable.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) in the workplace

Creating an equal, diverse, and inclusive company culture will offer your business numerous benefits....

Top tips to make every call count!

As recruitment consultants we spend a lot of time on the phone speaking to candidates, clients, chasing leads and liaising with one another – its part and parcel of the…

Managing a holiday in sales.

To successfully take a holiday in sales there are a few things that go without saying; a real holiday in sales allows up to roughly 3 hours per day escaping…

Internal talent Teams vs. Agency Recruitment

In a market where talent is at an absolute premium, managing the relationship between internal teams and external agencies is more important than it’s ever been.

Relationships (still) matter...

In the instant gratification days that we live in, it can be tough to see further than the next 24 hours ahead, never mind the forthcoming 3 years.

The art of working exclusively.

The amount of times that I’ve heard, “I’ve spoken to a couple of other recruiters and not heard back” or “My CV has been sent out to a few agencies,…

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