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We have worked with multiple estate agencies across London and have had the opportunity to learn about different practices in property ranging from independent specialists to international giants. We have also worked with candidates who’ve had the luxury to choose between multiple job offers. We have been able to understand their reasoning as well as their motivations; some being slightly more subjective than others. During the process, we have been taught a lot and we wanted to share with you what we've found!  

1.      Are you an expert in your area?

The best way to assess expertise is to decipher if or not you are adding value to your community. Firstly, ascertain who your community is. Get out; a face and a personality is a lot more personable than a brand name your community knows nothing about. Provide them with relevant and valuable information that aims to educate and inspire them. We are a recruitment agency but we don’t only recruit! We advise, we network, we share our stories, we partner, we investigate, we analyse and we learn!  

2.      What is setting you apart?

Think about your purpose. I’m saying this in the hope that you know what this is. Start by considering both the type of service you offer and your values as a company. Start with WHY.

“Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. When I say why, I don’t mean to make money – that’s a result. By WHY I mean what is your purpose, cause or belief? … People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” –   Simon Sinek 

GKR London was formed by building a network purely based around referrals and testimonials, off the back of delivering a great service. Our market knowledge has allowed us to create opportunities where we never thought they could and to find talent that was believed inaccessible.

3.      Do you know the law?

As a Lettings Agent, you are obligated by several laws which are constantly evolving such as the Property Redress Scheme (an escalated complaint procedure). Agents are also required to protect tenant Deposits, and Client Money Protection (CMP) is soon becoming a mandatory requirement for all agents (Jan '18). Working as a recruitment provider we like to ensure we can help as much as possible depending on your needs; we are able to obtain rights of work as well as a reference for each person we represent to ensure we are providing the best talent we can!

4.      Are you building trust?

Do not deliver promises you can’t keep. Ensure you are looking after your clients, CMP will play a huge role in helping clients feel safe which is already mandatory in Wales and Scotland. We pride our ability to meet with both our clients and candidates to manage expectations accordingly and build strong relationships. We are also extremely proud of our aftercare service which offers candidates and clients close support during the initial 6 months of any new placement and thereafter a dedicated consultant available for your needs.

5.      Are you hiring the right people?

The right people for you and your brand will differ to the next but you will inspire them and they will inspire you for no other reason than believing the same values. Finding them is often the most difficult thing but they will remain loyal. We as recruitment agents are here to help and we share values too, we align ourselves with clients who share the same beliefs as we do. Take your time to find a recruiter that truly understands yours and your investment will see itself return.  

We continue to network with existing and new clients to learn from and support them. If you believe you could teach us a thing or two, we are all ears! If you are looking to scale your brand or perhaps in search for some advice, GKR London Property Recruitment are open to both coffees and conversations so get in touch with the team today! 


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