Exclusivity requires loyalty.


During the recruitment process the hiring client, the recruitment partner and the candidate will all be on the same page and will all want the same thing; a seamless process, a successful outcome, honesty, commitment and time. However, most of these things rely on one of these three parties to be something; a great candidate, a competitive job or an honest recruitment consultant for example. And that’s why the recruitment process happens – candidates don’t meet expectations; employers are sometimes unable to convince, and some recruitment consultants don’t deliver on their promises. There is one thing though that requires the very same thing from all three parties involved; exclusivity requires loyalty from all three.

I don’t believe the benefits of exclusivity are fully understood yet by some clients and some candidates. Yes, it is widely understood that it helps to make the recruitment consultants part a little easier with market coverage, introduction ownership, reduced competition and therefore higher chances of success but rarely is that identified as also helping the clients and candidates part to be a little easier too.

Simply put, higher chances of success will be prioritised by your recruitment consultant, your role and your brand will have their undivided attention and they will likely put forward their top candidates. Top candidates will not only be excellently qualified however, they will also be loyal to their recruitment consultant and their very best will have an exclusive relationship with them as well. Not only will this in turn speed up the process and allow expectations to be managed but also form an excellent foundation for a continually loyal relationship between the candidate and employer moving forward.  See how the cycle could work? Seamlessly, successfully, honestly.

Another point, to put it bluntly, is that recruitment is the agencies’ full-time job, not the clients and not the candidates. So, having the opportunity to influence your hiring process or your CV or interview technique closely with you should prove extremely valuable to you. Learn from the experts! For clients, trying to manage multiple different ideas with multiple different agencies at one time whilst also managing the interpretations of your brand and the role itself is no easy feat. It will not encourage healthy competition between agencies, and it will not allow you to reach any wider or any farther than you would have with one, meticulous and loyal agent. For candidates, whilst recruitment has some similarities to matchmaking or dating, playing hard to get will stop you from getting anywhere. If you want to explore multiple options, you can do so with one consultant and you can discuss the pros and cons of each role with them honestly in order to manage their expectations and to help you leverage the best position for yourself.

Reminder, we are all in this together. If you are looking for a new job or new hire this Christmas, get in touch with the team at GKR to see how we can work together exclusively to find it!

Written by Molly Shoesmith, Operations Manager at GKR London Property Recruitment.
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