Getting to know your team.

There isn’t a piece of paper long enough to list all the factors that could disrupt efficiency in the workplace. The list is as long, as it is, ridiculous and it can drive a manager insane – particularly if you don’t know what is causing the disruption. However, for any managers struggling to engage with their team, understanding everyone’s individual personalities is a great place to start. 

Understanding the traits which form an individual’s character is essential when considering how your team may interact with one another. It will play a significant role when deciphering how they cope with the responsibilities involved in their role, and it will impact the relationships they have with both you and your team.

Ask them how they learn best

And prepare for differences between individuals – there isn’t a winning strategy that will work with everyone in your team. You will need listen, adapt, tweak and then reap the benefits from their performance. It could be that they learn best visually, or through practice, or with guidance, or independently. Once you determine how to engage with the individuals within your team, your communication and ability to motivate those individuals will improve massively.  

Cater your environment to suit them

Different personalities will naturally thrive in different environments, but you can cater your environment to suit all types of characters. Whether it’s including some entertainment areas, breakfast buffets or a quiet room for a change of pace; these are some things which have a huge impact on employee satisfaction and performance overall.

Consider your communication techniques

Effective communication is key to any business. Without it, you could be oblivious that your top performer is in fact considering new pastures. To understand and work with your teammates effectively, you need to understand how they communicate best. You also need to consider what they expect from you and ensure you manage their expectations accordingly when it comes to development opportunities, training, growth etc. or whatever else they have expressed interest in.

Don’t take things personally

If you're going to manage your team effectively, you need to remember to not take any reluctance to follow your directions, too personally. Generally, individuals tend to push back on processes or communication techniques that they don’t feel comfortable with. Identify their personality, engage with their best practices and you will start to see things change for the better. 

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