GKR International: Talent Partnership with Druce

Exclusive Talent Partnership

Druce, a name synonymous with luxury real estate since 1822, has demonstrated remarkable growth over the past 24 months. The acquisition of Bective in 2021 marked the beginning of an ambitious expansion strategy that saw the establishment of international hubs in Dubai, Singapore, and Vietnam in 2023. This aggressive growth trajectory showcases Druce's commitment to broadening its global footprint and redefining the real estate market.

A vision for the future

Looking ahead, Druce's growth plans are nothing short of ambitious. Over the next 12 months, the company aims to expand its presence across multiple territories in West, South West, North, and Central London. To support this strategic initiative, Druce has partnered with GKR International, a renowned recruitment firm, to bring top-tier talent into the business. This partnership is set to further bolster Druce’s position as a market leader.

Disrupting the traditional agency model

Druce is poised to disrupt the conventional real estate agency model by offering a comprehensive suite of client services through its extensive office network. The company plans to introduce local 'hubs' to complement its residential offices, a move supported by significant investment from their international owners. This innovative approach is designed to enhance customer experience and streamline service delivery, setting new standards in the industry.

Partnership with GKR International

GKR International, established in 2014 and backed by James Caan’s ‘Recruitment Entrepreneur’ venture capital fund, has a successful track record of collaboration with Druce. The formalisation of this partnership signifies a deepened commitment to driving Druce's growth. Grant Kaveney, Founder of GKR International, and Lee Riley, Senior Director, will spearhead this growth drive, leveraging their expertise to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

Grant Kaveney, Founder of GKR International, commented:
"Our partnership with Druce is a testament to our shared vision of innovation and excellence in real estate. We are excited to bring our expertise in recruitment to support Druce’s ambitious expansion plans and help them achieve new heights in the industry."

A word from Druce

Neil McGimpsey, Managing Director, UK for Druce & Co, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and the company’s future:

Neil McGimpsey, Managing Director, UK for Druce & Co, remarked:
"We are thrilled to partner with GKR International as we embark on this exciting phase of growth. Their expertise and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our vision. Together, we are set to redefine the real estate landscape, offering unparalleled service and innovation to our clients."

Druce's strategic expansion and innovative approach to real estate services signal a new era for the company. With the support of GKR International and a robust growth strategy, Druce is well-positioned to disrupt the traditional agency model and set new industry benchmarks. As the company continues to expand its footprint in London and beyond, clients can expect a seamless, comprehensive service experience that sets Druce apart from the competition.