Graduates! Are you 100% the client's type on paper?

Although many of you will be sunning yourselves somewhere exotic, drinking Margaritas and probably not reading articles about the beginning of the rest of your life, some I am sure will be anxiously scrolling through LinkedIn wondering if you can delay your return flight before reality hits. This is it; you have spent years working towards a degree and now you’ve got the chance to put your hard work to the test. GKR London Property Recruitmentrecruit for Property positions at all levels across London & Greater London. If you are looking to begin your career in property, get in touch but below we have put together some tips that are applicable no matter what industry you are applying to!

Don’t be shy!

It starts with a CV and we want to know all about you! Begin by telling us a little about yourself and consider what language you use; rather than writing ‘I feel’ or ‘I think,’ use ‘I can’ and ‘I know.’ Next, document your education: studies, achievements, extra-curricular activities etc. Can you clearly distinguish between each area? Use the Bold & Underline tool on Word to ensure ease for the reader. Work Placements – if you have done any, make sure they are on the CV! You might not think it is relevant to the job role you are applying for but it speaks volumes of your character and willingness to learn! Finally, don’t forget your contact information. (Email, Address, Telephone)

Check yourself!

Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. You’ll do your research and so will they! Pop your name into google, what comes up? Hopefully you have heard of these things called ‘Privacy Settings,’ use them! Your social media profiles will be reviewed so ensure the content is up to date, relevant and any publicly visible areas are professional. (those naughty photos should be for friends and family only.)

Dress to Impress.

Literally. You have been chosen out of thousands of other graduates because you look good ‘on paper.’ Knowing what to wear could mean the difference between a 10-minute interview or a second interview invite. If in doubt, corporate business attire is always best. Chaps, make sure your shirt is ironed and ladies, this isn’t another night out so ensure your makeup is neutral and accessories are subtle. 

Manners matter.

Think about who you greet within the company before you interact with your interviewer; receptionists, security, cleaners, PA’s or office juniors. All these people matter and it’s imperative you treat them equally because they are often consulted at the end of the process to ensure genuineness. Don’t stuff up the handshake! First impressions are made within just a few seconds – a firm grip, eye contact and 2-3 shakes will do the job. Finally, thank them for their time and the opportunity before you leave. Try to obtain a business card to follow up with a thank you email as this will really set you apart from the rest and maximise your chances.

Knowledge is power.

One of the most commonly asked questions whilst interviewing is ‘What do you know about us?’ Ensure you can answer this confidently! Read through the company website looking at history, values, achievements, service etc. Consider recent press or awards they have won. LinkedIn is a great platform to do research on your interviewers. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail so make sure you do your research.

Persistence is key.

Although it can be frustrating to receive numerous rejections whilst searching for your dream role, never be afraid to ask for feedback. Take away the positives from each experience as well as any constructive criticisms to work on next time. Finding the right role is time consuming but no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

GKR London are currently looking to double our team to service the ever-demanding property market. We are also recruiting for several entry-level positions working with some of the top property companies across London looking for graduates like YOU. Reach out today to discuss your career!


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