Graduating in Real Estate? The GP will see you now.

It’s coming to the time of year where 3rd year university students are finishing off their dissertations, ready to graduate and looking to get their first step on the career ladder. Many Real Estate graduates will be looking to embark on an exciting career within General Practice Surveying. A GP Surveyor can mean many things; gone are the days where you come across an all-round GP surveyor, it is much more common for someone to specialise. Similarly, to GP’s in the medical sense, after all you don’t want a heart surgeon looking at your brain.

If you look up a GP Surveyor online, you will find a very broad description that probably sounds something like this:

General practice surveyors are involved in the management, valuation, buying, selling and development of land and property.”

But what route do you want to go down? What are your options?

Estate SurveyorThis is probably the closest you will get to becoming a GP surveyor by its truest description. An Estate surveyor will normally be working client side, or within the public sector; managing a portfolio and dealing with the strategic acquisition or disposals of various property types.

Key Skills for this role include – Accuracy, Negotiation, Attention to detail.

Asset Manager – This is a similar role to an Estates Surveyor, but it is not to be confused with a Property Manager, as an asset manager you are charged with ensuring best value of assets. Deciding what you should keep, what should be disposed of. Keeping the asset in the best kept condition in order to hold its best value.

Key Skills for this role include – Strategic Analysis, forward thinking Mentality, Market knowledge 

Landlord & Tenant SurveyorIf you haven’t guessed from the title already, the L&T surveyor’s role is always to ensure smooth sailing between and Landlord & Tenants. The typical tasks will include Lease advisory work, rent reviews, rent arrears, advising on effective management of assets & maintaining accurate property records.

Key Skills for this role include – Attention to detail, Knowledge of property law, Communication

Valuation Surveyor – You can either specialise in Commercial or Residential valuation, seldom will you see someone be a specialist in both; valuing a residential unit or even portfolio is very different to valuing a business. A good valuer is vital when it comes to loan securitisation on a mortgage, or any other lending purpose. Valuation Surveyors work under the RICS Valuation Professional standards (the 'Red Book').

Key skills for this role include – Analysis, Attention to detail, Accuracy.

Agency SurveyorThe deal makers, the movers, the shakers. These guys run the transactional side of property. Buying, selling, leasing or investing - being an agent you will act on behalf of investors, property funds, Pension funds, REIT’s and clients to assist in finding them deals either on or off market.

Key Skills for this role include – Communication, Negotiation, Market Knowledge.

Development Surveyor – you will either work for a developer, or in a development consultancy. This will see you advising on land acquisition, feasibility, taking a project through the planning process to build out a project.

Key Skills for this role include – Negotiation, Planning Knowledge, Attention to detail.

As you can see there are many different routes to a successful career in GP Surveying, if you are struggling to choose which route to go down feel free to give me or my team a call and we will be able to prescribe the perfect role for you!

Written by Luke Joy, Head of Commercial at GKR London Property Recruitment.

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