How to catch your recruiter’s attention.

As it’s the start of a new year many of you will be considering your options, your goals and your achievements the previous year. You may be considering change and a new job or new career path could be just what you need. You’ll need to find yourself a preferred recruiter to work with that whom will work tirelessly on your behalf. However, it’s these very recruiters, the tenacious and the relentless who are more difficult to reach, to impress and ultimately, to stand out to. There’re thousands of candidates out there so in order to be seen and heard, have a think about what you should and shouldn't be doing during your job search and find yourself an appropriate recruiter to work with.


  • Tailor your profile.

This includes the job title for the position in question, the skills that are best suited to each position you apply for, the soft skills that may integrate best with their team having studied team bio’s etc.

  • Research your recruiters, choosing the best suited one to represent you.

For the roles you are hoping to consider, what other similar successes has your recruiter had? Do you get along with them on a personal level? Are they willing to invest in you as an individual or are you simply ‘a number’ or ‘a fee’ to them? Each recruitment consultant will have their own tactics regardless of the organisation they work for, so if you don’t warm to the first person you speak to, politely let them know, retract your information and see if there is anyone else available to speak to that you might warm to better.

  • Research people who already have the job you want.

And highlight any similar profiles to you! You might find during your research that three of the companies’ previous hires have come from the same university as you! Or perhaps they each learnt a system that you are familiar with. Even if they train at the same gym that you do, finding personal and common ground with your potential employer and team will set you up for a great start and any good recruiter will spot this from a mile off. Make it obvious for them!

  • Ask for a meeting.

Commit yourself and your time to your recruiter. Those who believe its not worth their time to invest in a face to face meeting with their recruitment consultant are hugely missing a trick! At GKR London, many of our clients expect this as a pre-requisite to ensure a suitable match for their brand. By asking for a meeting, your recruiter will get a sense of your determination to succeed and willingness to commit and invest yourself fully which is a very attractive candidate trait.


  • Lie about your experience, you will not get away with it.
  • Work recruiters against each other, it’s not motivating for any of your recruiters.
  • Forget to do your research, laziness is probably the most unattractive candidate trait.
  • Ask to be considered for anything and everything. Being ‘open-minded’ is rarely a good-thing.

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