Industry Professional, turned Recruitment Expert

I have spent the last three and a half years working in property management recruitment across London; it’s been incredible and thank goodness, I have done a good job. But I have always admired those in my team who’d worked in the sector themselves. Why?

They understand

Not to say that I don’t! But this took me time, I needed to become an industry expert to relate and I needed to get to know my audience. A lot of this is part and parcel of an ex-industry professional though they may not even realise it.

They are credible

If you were looking for a job in property and had to choose who you spoke to , out of;

1.      Bob from Recruitment Company A, previous work experience working in Retail.

2.      Bill from Recruitment Company B, previous work experience Property.

You would choose Bill, right? Unless you have some weird association with the name Bob, but anyone in their right mind would choose Bill because they have been in your position before.

They have a reputation

And with it – they know people! In the incestuous world of the London Property market, people know people, who know people. People also build a name for themselves, not just the brand that they work for.

At GKR London, 60% of our team have worked in the property sector before and this is what they have found:  

Q. After six years of working in the sector, why did you think you would be a successful property recruitment consultant?

A. “Having considerable experience at two of the biggest companies in the property industry I felt extremely confident and well equipped to continue my success in property recruitment – having first-hand experience of both the clients we work with and the positions we successfully place in, I found the transition an easy one and continue to enjoy my role.” – Lee Riley

Q. What did you learn from working in Estate Agency that you apply to your job now working in recruitment?

A. “Working within Estate Agency and especially Knight Frank, taught me to truly understand what clients and candidates look for. Personally, I feel it’s imperative to listen to what both parties are after to ensure a consultative & tailor-made approach is always offered, leading to a smooth recruitment process.” – Michael Woda

Q. After five years of direct experience you know the property management sector well. When speaking to candidates, have you ever caught anyone out?

A. The perk of working within the property management industry beforehand is knowing how certain processes are carried out within the role which can be useful to test a candidate’s knowledge. For example, I asked a candidate if he had experience of serving a Section 21 notice (termination of tenancy). He confirmed that he did and explained the process, which turned out to be incorrect.” – Eleanor Griffiths

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