It is better to deserve without receiving, than to receive without deserving.

Yesterday I sat and asked myself a very important question, one I continued to ponder throughout my day to justify my thoughts. The question being 'am I deserving of this?'


Well, yesterday GKR London was shortlisted to be Property Recruitment Agency of the Year! It's a great achievement to be on the shortlist, following what has been a phenomenal year for us and particularly after painstakingly taking the time to write, re-write, and rewrite again our 500-word justification as to why we deserve it. (I'm joking... kind of)

So pick up the paper and read it right?! Duh! However, I didn't feel I needed to reread those 500 words and remind myself of the success stories this year thus far, the achievements everyone has contributed to and the records the team have broken/smashed allowing me to believe, given demonstrable evidence, that we are doing our job well. These were not the answers I was looking for! I found myself asking for more, more than the judges criteria, more than the checklist etc. I wanted to know how we have made people feel and how they came to feel we may deserve this. Why should we win and not the rest out there in this saturated market we at GKR call our home?

***Drum roll please*** 

Service! That's what I was getting at! But what does service mean? Does service mean to you what it does to me? Does it mean to deliver as I would expect you to deliver, or as you would hope? 

I believe it means to provide what you believe to be a good service, what you believe to be correct, morally, literally, physically, whatever! Ah, that's right, opinion and judgement. Traits which have counted in our favour this time around, they will hopefully go on to aid to our success but these are also why justification, in this case, can mean many different things depending on who you are speaking to.

I would like to share with you my thoughts, I believe that GKR are deserving winners because:

  1. We love what we do. I mean that. Each one of our consultants take extreme pride in their work, we care about our clients’ decisions, their well-being and their career path not just now but in the future, too. 
  2. We build long term relationships, and only work with those interested in a relationship like this. Time is money, right? We all know this - but GKR commit ourselves to work with people who believe in the value of a recruiter, whom want to work together to achieve an agreement benefiting both parties, hopefully not just once... why stop there! 
  3. We are human too. I often get the feeling that externally people forget that our day-to-day job is not just helping you grow your brand, but to also grow ours! We are here to free up your time - yes, to provide you a service - yes, applying our expertise where you require it most so you can focus on your day-to-day job too, yes. But subsequently this is to allow our staff members to develop, grow and continue to add to the success of the business internally. We also work very hard to establish our brand and maintain our reputation too. 
  4. We care. Aftercare is, well, almost unheard of in property recruitment in my experience. What is aftercare? We like to 'bed you in' to your new role, ensure that promises are kept, expectations are met and that both the employee and employer is satisfied with the results. New employees, on average, decide within 30 days whether they feel comfortable in their new role. 1 in 25 people leave their job because of a poor (or no) on boarding program. Those first few days/weeks/months are the most important! An external voice can be extremely comforting during this time. 

Have you dealt with GKR London? Have we assisted you with a new hire or a new job? Can you say that you enjoyed your experience of working with us? 

If so, support us! You can vote for us to be the deserving winners of property recruitment agency of the year!


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of GKR's 2016 so far. It's not quite over yet but here's to an even more successful 2017! 

Written by Molly Shoesmith, Operations Manager at GKR London Property Recruitment.
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