"Just send me an email."

Me: "Good morning, great to be in touch, I have come across your CV online and I am keen to discuss your job search, what is the situation at the moment?"

Assumptive Job seeker: "I'm looking for a job - yes, what jobs have you got? Can you just email me the job specs?'"

I hate this question. As a recruitment consultant in the property management sector I work on 15+ jobs on average at one time, I network with 100+ business across London all the time and I create opportunities wherever I can. I do not call prospective job hunters only to discuss one or two job specifications, I call to get to know you and to discover your preferences. I can then align your interests with live roles I am working on as well as introduce you to active and speculative employers. I cannot in that moment just email you the job specs. 

Let me ask you this; as a property manager, if a tenant calls you to complain about a flood in their property, would you respond and ask them to just send you an email?

OR as an estate agent, when a prospective buyer inquires about a property that you're advertising for sale, do you ask them to just send you an email? 

No I didn't think so; because with such little information regarding the matter you are not in a position to provide an effective service. Now I am not writing to moan, I am writing to ask you 'assumptive job seeker', are you seriously committed to your job search? 

If the answer is yes, I would like to understand how you think I can provide you with an effective service without investing some time into explaining the finer details to me (at a time that suits you, if needs be) so that I don't waste your time emailing irrelevant job specs and so that I can represent you properly? 

I am asking you, for yourself, to spend time with me getting to know you in order for me to effectively present your skills, your hard work and experience and your personality to my network. In order for you to find your next opportunity, challenge and adventure - together! 

Because, 'assumptive job seeker', I won't just email you the job specs and I won't be able to service you effectively without it. 

Love from, A Conscientious Recruiter 

Written by Molly Shoesmith, Operations Manager at GKR London Property Recruitment. 
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