Managing a holiday in sales.

To successfully take a holiday in sales there are a few things that go without saying; a real holiday in sales allows up to roughly 3 hours per day escaping the realities of your mobile phone, not the 8 expected. Those looking after your workload will do just that, rather than propelling the sales journey forward. And your pipeline that was only semi-existent before you left is now non-existent. And after just 5 days off, it’s going to take you 10 more to catch up.

So, What Do To? Plan For Your Holidays! 

I can’t stress the importance of managing your holiday calendar like you would each deal. It needs to be looked after with care. It’s advisable to consider frequent short breaks and you allow yourself the time to prepare for them properly. Perfect planning prevents poor performance. Both before and after your holiday, if you want to maintain momentum you’re going to have to work extra hard, dig extra deep and maybe even pop in a few extra hours to make your comeback. Bearing in mind you are a huge part in making things happen when you are in the office, without you, not all of it is going to go the way you expected.

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection!

Though this shouldn’t be a constant, having Wi-Fi connection for chunks of the working day whilst on holiday can allow you to relax a little better, remaining in control as much as you can. I used to offer my availability for 30mins-1hr in the morning (9-10am) and the afternoon (4-5pm) to answer any questions my colleague or manager may have, to check any urgent emails and to remind your clientele you’re thinking of them. That way, my colleagues and candidates knew when or how to reach me, and it wasn’t throughout my stay.

Treat Yourself. 

Now this could mean anything to anyone; the holiday itself may even be one heck of a treat – in which case good for you. But the last thing you want is to get back to the office and feel like you weren’t able to do that one thing you hoped for, whether that be to switch off properly between the hours you said you would, going on a wild one forgetting everything that happened the night before, going for a lavish meal or maybe just to watch the night sky and the stars that city life doesn’t offer. Sales is a constant demanding pressure and holidays should be well-earned so give yourself a pat on the back, breathe in a deep breath and do something that makes you feel good.

Get Some Rest! 

The amount of people I’ve seen head to Ibiza, Cavos, Benidorm – you name it, and they’ve returned worse off than they were before they left! Enjoy yourself, let your hair down but get some rest before you come back because the holiday most definitely stops when you walk back into the office. Sales is a fast-paced industry and a lot of its success relies on pace to beat competition, if not service. It’s crucial that you pick up the very same pace you had before you left upon your return, and quickly. Dig deep, you will have to work extra hard to canvass some candidates, some tangible leads, some new clients and some new exclusive relationships. Put in the hours and the focus though, and you will be able to look forward to another few days off soon.

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