MIPIM 2018

We are just four weeks into the new year and MIPIM is on the horizon, March 13-16th 2018. Causing its usual controversy and set to be one of the biggest events of the year, some argue it’s just a big piss up and a waste of time; allow us to set the record straight.

MIPIM will be whatever you want it to be. So long as you prepare accordingly, MIPIM should provide an array of networking opportunities, allow you to pipeline deals, build relationships and ultimately, make money! However, for many it quickly becomes something like that of The Hangover; an opportunity to ‘talk business’ over mimosas at breakfast, wine at lunch and G&T’s as the sun sets. Let me assure you this, it will break you if you don’t listen to your body! Drinking for 15 hours+ a day is not normal; whilst enduring the (let’s hope) sweltering heat and marching along the 2km promenade, you’ll still need to compose yourself professionally and represent your business to the usual standard.

Hopefully by now your flights and accommodation will be booked and all you need to worry about is filling up the diary. But there are a few things to bear in mind when you get there, take a read of our tips.

Leave some space in the diary.

There is nothing worse than bumping into someone you’ve mapped for the last twelve months and not having any time to spend with them! Planning some meetings in advance is brilliant but with 24,000 people attending, you’re bound to bump into someone worth sitting down with, on the spot.

Speak up!

This is your chance to put yourself out there; don’t hide behind fancy brochures that you’ll find blowing along the seafront the following morning. Don’t ask your iPad to do the talking either, unless you can find some shade (good luck!). This is networking the good old-fashioned way; introducing yourself to strangers and telling them about yourself, asking questions and finding genuine common ground. Hopefully then you can add value, too.

Find your zen.

Not literally, that would be a waste of time. But finding some quiet time to yourself at the end of each day is vital. This time should be spent collating the contacts you’ve met, scheduling follow ups into your diary and noting the details of any conversations that took place. The plane journey home is not the time for this; over a three-day period, there are a lot of conversations to remember and your memory will be up against the odds.

GKR London Property Recruitment will be attending MIPIM 2018, for the second time. After an extremely successful trip last year, we are even more excited to return this year to make the few days in Cannes count.

We hope to see some of you there! Pop us a message if you would like to arrange to meet with us!

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