Mood vs. Productivity

  1. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
  2. Or spill your coffee all over your new designer shirt?
  3. Maybe your new born decided to spew all over you as you cuddled them goodbye?
  4. Maybe it’s raining outside.

There are a number of things that can go wrong before you start work in the morning, before you even leave the house! A lot of the time these things are a little out of your control. The list is endless! But how do you handle these unwanted problems? Do you leave them at the door OR do they continue to fester and wind you up allowing for a counterproductive day?

The way we feel has a huge influence on the way that we act, how we perform, how we interact with others (or not!) but a lot of the time we are not even aware that the two are linked. A lot of the time, when things are not going the way we hoped, we reflect on the wrong things. And we forget that TFL decided to run a reduced service on the district line this morning, or that one of your candidates decided to inform you they no longer want to attend the interview you had arranged, at 3am this morning, and your phone was on LOUD.

So what can we do?

1.   Small acts of kindness

Doing good for others is a great thing to do to feel good about yourself, I like to refer to it as the ‘Helpers High.’ Maybe you could help someone carry their pram up the underground stairs or stop the confused looking tourist and offer assistance to find their way, buy the homeless a sandwich or simply smile at someone looking like they have woken up on the wrong side of the bed too. Your brain will release endorphins which make you feel good. Not only will this help your productivity but it is proven to help your health, increase life expectancy and provide motivation to do good again.

2.   Fake it till’ you make it

One of the more comical although this method has been tried and tested! Forget about should, would, could, if – how about do, can, will, how. Back yourself, believe in yourself and reach for the stars! If you want to make a difference, you will. It may take time and you may be told ‘no’ 10 times before you’re told ‘yes’ but remain positive, and remain invested in yourself. This is your vision.

3.   Ask yourself, what can you change?

It might be the case that in fact you use the Southern rail service and face the same issues most days causing the same stress and the same counter-productivity. There is absolutely nothing you could possibly do about it…. If you say so. Ask yourself, can I catch a lift with a friend? Could I walk or cycle to the nearest southeastern rail station instead? OR cycle all the way? Exhaust all options you can possibly think of before then asking yourself, can I find a job closer to home? OR a home closer to work? Embrace change, do not fear it and work with others around you to make it happen. Adapt to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Treat yourself to a taxi on that rainy day or buy yourself a new raincoat that you feel top dollars in. Keep a spare shirt in the office, just in case… Do everything in your power to be positive and to be productive.

Before I finish, as an employer, do you promote a positive environment? Have you considered looking into a better air-conditioning unit? Have you thought about buying blinds for when the sun is shining directly into your top performers eyes? Have you considered the office chairs you have if your job role involves sitting behind a desk 8+ hours a day?

Do you reward hard work? Do you recognize success? Can you offer flexibility when they need it most? Think about it, are you offering the best environment you can offer? Promote positivity, look after your staff, value them as they deserve and retain them.

Written by Molly Shoesmith, Operations Manager at GKR London Property Recruitment.


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