Q1 - 2024: Retained Success

Our retained search services present a strategic partnership tailored to address our client’s crucial talent requirements with precision and dedication. Collaborating with us grants you access to a bespoke approach that begins with a thorough exploration of your company's culture, objectives, and specific role prerequisites. We offer a comprehensive candidate specification process, ensuring a meticulous understanding of every facet of the position and leveraging our extensive network and research capabilities.

"As we wrap up the first quarter of this year, I'm delighted to share the incredible milestones we've reached through our retained business agreements in the global real estate domain.

These partnerships have been about building lasting connections and making a tangible impact. Seeing our clients succeed with the talent we've sourced together has been immensely gratifying. It's a testament to the trust they've placed in us and the dedication we've poured into every collaboration." - Grant Kaveney, Founder at GKR International

Residential Architect: Recruiting for a high-end interior design consultancy, we meticulously targeted candidates with extensive experience in residential development projects, resulting in the seamless integration of top-tier talent tailored to the company's needs.

Executive Assistant: By leveraging our expertise in executive recruitment, we successfully placed an exceptional candidate who not only provided indispensable support to top-level executives but also streamlined operations, contributing significantly to overall sales growth and organisational efficiency.

Sales Manager: Our strategic approach to recruiting a Sales Manager resulted in the appointment of a dynamic leader who implemented innovative sales strategies, leading to a substantial increase in revenue and market penetration within a highly competitive industry landscape.

Head of Property: Through our targeted recruitment process, we identified a visionary leader for the Head of Property role, whose strategic foresight and extensive industry experience will drive the development and execution of key property initiatives.

Senior Asset Manager: With a focus on specialised skill acquisition, we sourced and placed a Senior Asset Manager with a proven track record in asset optimisation and risk management, enabling our clients to enhance the value of their real estate portfolio and achieve long-term financial objectives.

The feedback:

"GKR's retained recruitment partnership exceeded our expectations, delivering a tailored approach that precisely matched our executive needs within our given timeframe of four-five weeks." 

"Thanks to GKR's dedicated team, we secured a top-tier executive who has made an invaluable impact on our business's growth, directly benefitting from GKR’s bespoke retained proposal and service."

"Working closely with GKR on a retained recruitment assignment, we successfully acquired niche skills crucial for our flagship projects, elevating our competitive edge and innovation. The team displayed fantastic communication skills and understanding of both our business, and our talent needs."

We specialise in providing tailored solutions and leveraging our extensive network and expertise to identify top-tier candidates who align perfectly with your organisation's goals and objectives.