Recruitment at Christmas.

Every year I find myself wondering why so many candidates who are looking for a new job, fear this season. For a very long time we have been made to believe that Christmastime is a bad time of year for recruitment. Wrong. I believe that Christmastime is in fact a time of year to be taken advantage of – both by hiring managers and job seekers. Let me tell you why:

Managers are under pressure to prepare for the new year

There is a great deal of pressure on managers to be prepared for the New Year and this includes having the right people in place, before it begins. Moreover, many employers have “use it or lose it” budgets that must be spent before December 31, to avoid losing it in next years’ fund. 

There won't be much competition 

Those who’ve been made to believe that this is a pointless time of year to look for a new role, will not be looking. They’ll probably be taking it easy; their CV’s will be collecting dust whilst they put their feet up and indulge in festive treats. Sound tempting? Rise above the temptation and use this time to beat the rest! Show hiring managers that you are taking your job search seriously and make your move, before the rest!

Networking is easier

Christmas in the UK is mostly spent in the pub. Tis’ the season to be jolly after all! It has never been easier to reconnect with old contacts you’ve not seen in a while and to meet new connections. Companies will often have parties or attend workshops to spread some Christmas cheer so now is the time to start filling up the calendar with networking opportunities!

People are happier

Especially those who put their Christmas decorations up early, according to Journal of Environmental Psychology. If you’ve ever worried about catching someone at a bad time, now’s your chance! Christmastime is also a time for giving, and of course receiving, but interestingly research has shown that generally we obtain greater happiness or satisfaction from the giving of gifts, than we do from receiving them. If your looking for a new job for Christmas, your chances of being offered one during the festive season are a lot higher!

At the very least, it's a great head start for January! 

If you don’t manage to secure yourself a job before Christmas, you've still achieved two very important things: You’ve polished off your CV and you've warmed yourself up for the job hunt. These two things will come in very handy when all hell breaks loose in the New Year and competition rises. You'll have an invaluable head start! 

GKR London Property Recruitment are still extremely busy recruiting into the property sector with several positions available to start before the Christmas break. Make the most of this period and call us today! Alternatively, refer a friend to receive up to £250 depending on experience!

Written by Molly Shoesmith, Operations Manager at GKR London Property Recruitment. 
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