Relationships (still) matter...

In the instant gratification days that we live in, it can be tough to see further than the next 24 hours ahead, never mind the forthcoming 3 years. As a user of most Social Media (other than the bullshit being spouted via Twitter), you can now see pretty much anything you like at your fingertips very quickly. If you look long and hard enough, I’m sure you could probably see into someone’s soul…

Open any dating app these days (we’ve all done it..) and you’re hit with an almost endless stream of ‘potentials’ which is great for variety and choice, but very, very bad for those that are looking for a long-term relationship (I’m currently available….just saying).

After working for a certain large Estate Agency in London, who may or may not have had a fleet of Mini’s, the volume culture was very apparent. You’ve called 100 people? Call 150. Have you done 10 deals this month? DO 20!!! This was the norm and it really did benefit me at the time – I can honestly say my objection handling is second to none and my skin is very much thicker. I also spent a period at a certain ‘top tier’ Agency, where the culture was very different, which was a welcome relief initially, but one I got to understand in detail.

I have worked in a Sales environment for a while, working with an ever expanding list of ‘ex-colleagues’ that I have seen come and go and what rings true is that the ones who go on to succeed over the longer-term are the ones that value relationships over quick wins. It’s very easy to plan your day and your week without seeing further into the future, but flying by the seat of your pants will only serve to add to your stress levels and put you on a path to anxiety faster than a triple-shot Frappuccino with extra cream.

The standout people in the property industry, those with track records of selling the best properties, to the best clients, with the best reputation, don’t just look at their next sale. They take the time to understand that every new Client is going to be a welcome addition to their black book and one that is going to be a long-lasting person of value.

A First-Time buyer today could be a Super-Prime buyer tomorrow and maybe even the next dot com Billionaire the day after. In the recruitment world, that Grad that turned up to your office in a Topman suit with no socks, could go on to be a boardroom baller in 5-10 years. The important thing is all relationships start from the FIRST impression, whether it’s a face to face meeting, a swipe of your thumb on your Smartphone or an email or message on LinkedIn.

Always be thinking two or three steps ahead, because if you aren’t, I guarantee one of your competitors are.

Written by Lee Riley, Associate Director at GKR London Property Recruitment.

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