The final hurdle.

Over the last few weeks, as we delve deeper into Summer, the property industry has been absolutely buzzing with a huge amount of exciting opportunities becoming available and new projects getting underway. Every single day we are speaking with new talent representing the industries’ finest estate agencies, developers, office agencies, consultancies, online agents, estates and investment funds. It is and will continue to be one of our busiest periods as well as a time that we look forward to, but it is crucial that we don’t lose sight of the basics that stand us in good stead across the rest of the year. Because it’s these very basics that allow us to clear the final hurdle without sweat.

I’ve written before about the ability to plate-spin in recruitment, but before I go into it again I wanted to share a secret with you; I only ever spin one plate at a time. Once I can rely on the first plate to keep spinning, I can begin spinning the next. Once both plates can be relied upon (to continue spinning and in same direction I had pointed them) I can focus on getting the third plate to follow them too.

Have you ever tried spinning five separate plates in the same direction all at once? It’s tricky isn’t it! To keep them all spinning together you must stay focussed, whilst frantically darting between them assisting with any wobbles or unexpected bumps along the way. Bringing this back to the recruitment process, it is crucial that every step of the journey can be relied upon before beginning the next. Without safety-proofing each step the plates could fall, and the process will begin to undo itself. The hard work you’ve put in will go unnoticed and you will have to start from the beginning.

We have analysed the recruitment process and we have broken down the work required to secure a candidate their new job into 30-steps. Fancy spinning 30 plates at once? Didn’t think so… but it’s possible! One plate at a time.

That doesn’t mean the plates are then forgotten about because of course they need revisiting, to continue to be relied upon, and to continue spinning in the same direction. Things can change over time but if we continue to monitor them and continue to control the circumstances as we have from the beginning, the plates will keep spinning and the process will remain intact. One broken plate or broken step will affect the entire process.  

The ability to plate spin is the ability to not make assumptions, it’s the ability to remain impartial and the ability to control the circumstances to work in your favour. The recruitment process can be exciting, and it can be emotional – I’m not saying it shouldn’t be – but it’s both of those things along with the ability to cover every step thoroughly enough to know those feelings can be felt confidently. That way, the final hurdle isn’t a hurdle at all.

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