The ingredients for a successful start.

A lot of people don’t know that recruiters provide aftercare. We develop business, we negotiate terms, we arrange interviews and we manage job offers - that’s a given. But we also (or at least the top tier agent’s do) ensure that the on-boarding process goes smoothly, that training is given, that the pace of development is as expected and that both parties are happy during the first six months of new employment, so that they can be motivated to work towards a common and fulfilling goal together. The Maslow Theory states that to fulfill needs higher up in the pyramid (self-actualisation, esteem etc.), those at the bottom require attention first (safety, love, belonging etc.). As a new employee, considering the Maslow Theory to motivate, drive and satisfy you should make for a seamless start!

Familiarise yourself with your surroundings

If you are not taken for a tour upon arrival, ask for one! Knowing where the loos, kitchen, cooking-utensils, coffee, meeting rooms, breakout areas and emergency exits are etc., are all necessary requirements to feel both safe and familiar in your new environment. You can then begin to confidently go about your day as normal without interrupting someone else’s workflow, someone you may not already know, to locate something.  

What’s your name?

Introducing yourself to those you work with can quickly help to establish confidence and familiarity in a new environment. Yes, it’s probably a little easier and a little more comfortable to wait for those around you who have been working there longer to come and say hello to you, but it has been proven that introducing yourself first helps generate a sense of security and relieves anxiety. It should quickly prompt a response too, and before you know it you’ll be struggling to remember them all!

Find a friend

Once you’ve made a few introductions and you’ve narrowed down who you’ll be working with day to day, ask to go for lunch with one of your new colleagues so you can get to know them better. Developing relationships with trust and rapport will help to make you feel both more comfortable and part of a team. It is just as important to build on the relationship you have with your manager, and it is advisable to discuss their level of expectations during your first week. Things like: how you will work together, how they measure and define success and what resources to utilise to do your job well will contribute towards your sense of purpose and belonging, as well as giving you direction.

Be the sponge

Research has shown that new employees perform better when they ask more questions. By asking your leaders and peers for new information, you’ll be able to learn quickly, and from first-hand experience. Soon you will begin to feel knowledgeable and credible which in turn will build your self-esteem and your ability to succeed.

Be the most you can be

Believing in yourself is the final key ingredient to succeeding in a new job. You will undoubtedly face frustrations and maybe even make mistakes as you’re learning, but so long as you focus on how far you’ve already come and where your hard work will take you next, it will all pay off because you gave them a reason to pick you.

If you are beginning a new job in property, or hope to, we can offer advice and support during the first few months so that you can be the most you can be. There are many other responsibilities that the employers’ have too, but we are working with our clients to ensure they are well prepared to embrace the needs of a new employee just like you can yourselves.

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