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Rose Lock, Principal Recruitment Consultant at GKR London specialises in property management recruitment. Having worked in property and estate agency for almost 20 years, Rose made a smooth transition into property recruitment in February 2018 and has helped a huge number of trainee and experienced property professionals pursue their dream jobs. Find out what opportunities Rose recruits for, her recipes of success and her top tips for property managers here!

What types of positions do you recruit for? 

I recruit across the board within Property Management starting with entry level Junior Property Managers, Property Managers, Senior PMs and depending on the business and direction that the individual wants to take you could be a Team Leader, Regional Manager (mainly in the corporate businesses) and of course the ultimate, Head of Property Management.  We work with both AST portfolios as well as Block Management and the companies we work with are based all over London and indeed the Home Counties.

What do you like most about dealing with property managers?

I find that most Property Managers tend to be quite direct; I know that they must be in this type of role and it helps me understand them quickly and accurately. As the position demands excellent customer service it is important for me to consider how candidates interact with me to know if they are going to meet the expectations of our clients. Delays in communications or poorly constructed emails for example are generally an indication that they are not taking their job search seriously nor up for the challenge. The way that we work together helps me assess how good they are and where they will most benefit from being placed.

Property Managers are tenacious and thick skinned; they are often faced with difficult situations, but they always turn it around. You must admire that in what is a very challenging role – it is not for the faint hearted.

Typically, what key traits/skills do you deem most essential as a property manager?

Property Managers need to have a real strength of character; the ability not to take things personally or to heart will be hugely advantageous as they often deal with a lot of complaints. They need to be problem solvers, be adept at conflict resolution and above all be passionate about delivering the best customer service.  Communication is also key, they need to be excellent at building and maintaining relationship as they will be the conduit between tenants, landlords and contractors throughout a tenancy. It’s a challenging role but equally for the right person, very rewarding.

Do you believe that your experience in the property market has helped your recruitment career?

Undoubtedly! I have a great understanding of the industry from 18 years in estate agency.  Although I was mainly in sales, I was also involved in lettings and property management. I worked for Savills for almost 6 years, so I have experienced the corporate life (which I loved!) and later in my career I worked for smaller, niche, established independent businesses. These experiences mean that I can offer genuine, honest advice when discussing the pros and cons of corporate versus independent and I also understand how skills can be transferred between departments across the industry.

Can you recall a specific placement that you found particularly rewarding and why?

Yes indeed; last year I met a young man who had been offered a job and therefore had resigned from his current role. However, the day before he was due to start, his new employer rescinded the offer for reasons beyond his control, leaving him with no job and no way to pay his rent and bills. He came to meet me that afternoon, I organised an interview for him for a Trainee PM role that he went to the following morning. We went through detailed preparation for the interview, he listened to my advice and literally smashed the interview. He was offered the job and started the following day! We worked so well as a team, he trusted me, put the necessary effort in and reaped the rewards. It was very emotional; he was delighted and 18 months later is still there and doing brilliantly!

If you are considering new opportunities across London and the Greater Home Counties, get in touch with Rose today or apply to some of her latest opportunities advertised below!

  1. Property Manager - SW London - Up to £27,000 basic
  2. Property Manager - SE London - Up to £28,000 basic
  3. Sales & Office Administrator - SW London - Up to £27,000 basic, £30,000 OTE 

Written by Rose Lock, Principal Recruitment Consultant and Molly Shoesmith, Operations Manager at GKR London Property Recruitment.

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