The Power of Referrals.

You might be aware already that GKR London are not job-board recruiters. Rather than investing a large sum of money into multiple job boards that most of our clients already have access to just isn’t our style. Matching them with candidates that they don’t already have access to and that come with an industry recommendation; that’s where we add real value.

We are property recruiters and we spend all day, every day, on the phone or out and about, speaking to and meeting people who work in property. They may be hiring managers or job seekers, they may just be people willing to share and teach us what they know to go on and teach others. The point is, this is what we are paid to do.

As property professionals yourselves, you’re paid to do what is in your job specification. Those late-night beers or first-thing coffees won’t get you any overtime extras and the event you went to on Tuesday will put you behind your work for another week. Us recruiters? We get overtime in commission! We work at events, on the train, from our sofa’s and out and about. Talking to people, no matter where or when is what we are paid to do! And talking to people about people is pretty much a given.

It’s these very types of recruiters that are successful, those who immerse themselves in the industry they are recruiting for as if they are a part of it themselves! It’s those who live and breathe the lifestyle because they love the buzz or the sense of reward or the money!

At GKR London, we built our business around recommendations and referrals, friends of friends and colleagues of colleagues who know people that we want to introduce our client’s to! The property market is an incredibly small space and it’s not what you know at times, it’s who you know. Research shows that referrals are often a faster way to hire and lowers the turnover rate at a company.

Did you know?

  • Only 14.9% of hires are made from a job board candidate. Most (39.9%) are made through employee referral programs. (Jobvite)
  • People are 4 times more likely to act on a product or person when referred by a friend. (Neilsen)
  • 83% of customers are willing to refer after a positive experience (Extole)
  • 92% of respondents trusted referrals from people they knew (Neilsen)

We give out referral rewards every single week to say thank you to those who’ve allowed us to make a successful introduction. If you know someone in the property industry who doesn’t know GKR London or who might be considering a career move, get in touch with us today! Not only can we offer career advice and offer insight into talent attraction strategies, but we are in the know of the latest projects, the newest competitor, and the hottest trends. Who do you know that we don’t? 

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