There's no I in Team.

I believe that teamwork and success go hand in hand. In the office it improves efficiency, provides learning opportunities and contributes towards increasing productivity. It is also important to spend time with your team outside the office (not just down at the local pub.) Enjoying activities as a team outside of the office that develop interpersonal connections between your employees will also prove beneficial and may help you identify your leaders from your stragglers. 

Efficiency : Productivity

Incorporating collaborative strategies can help workforces share responsibilities which in turn reduces the pressure on a single individual to complete large tasks. Working towards a goal together will naturally feel more achievable too, as well as introducing healthy competition which can improve work pace. Working as part of a team is often more enjoyable as there are other personalities to bounce from; people thrive off people.

Learning opportunities

Working in a team enables us to learn from one another; both the good and the bad, learning lessons from any mistakes made along the way. Every employee will handle things differently, learn in different ways and develop at different paces but learning that from one another can allow others to adapt to methods that may suit them better, and that they hadn’t thought of before.


Collaborative working encourages healthy competition, development and outside of the box thinking. Brainstorming ideas with five other heads and ideas could be the difference between an average idea and a game-changing concept. You may find that one of your team leaders are heavily focussed on stats and another may be heavily motivated by morale but together, they could come up with an entirely new management style that encompasses both and in turn increases efficiency of their teams.

Interpersonal Development – ‘OOO’

Teamwork outside of the office goes hand in hand with team work within the office. If your team can enjoy one-another’s company and find common ground outside of their day job and responsibilities, they will naturally get a long far better when in the office. Encouraging ‘downtime’ at the local or celebrating your best month with a Crystal Maze or Room Escape event will encourage your employees to get to know each other on a personal level.

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