What is your weapon of choice in the war for talent?

Attention! Working in recruitment is an art; not only do you have to ensure you understand the market you recruit for as if you worked in it yourself, but you also need to adapt to new technologies and innovate, or you will be left behind. Some call themselves Ninja’s, Superhero’s, Talent Kings & Queens etc. but not just because they like the sound of a fancy title, but also because it can often feel like you’re on the front line. The war for talent is rife, rifer than ever but luckily at GKR London Property Recruitment, we are feeling prepared with our weapons of choice.


At GKR London, almost two thirds of our team are ex-industry professionals, recruiting for the discipline they worked in previously with first-hand experience working for some of our clients. Following an about turn into recruitment, they can empathise with our audience and credibly relate with them. They remain intertwined in the property sector and continue to stay up to date with friends and colleagues allowing them to be one step ahead of the game, all the time.


If you have ever had the luxury/braved visiting our offices and seen our team in action, our passion is evident from the moment you walk in. We work in Recruitment Entrepreneur’sopen plan office with five other Joint Venture’s, but we have been branded the ‘loudest’ bunch on the floor. Recruitment is naturally a very social industry and along with twenty telephones ringing off the hook, the gong crashing against the wall when a deal is done and my boss’s beatboxing (which you should all know about already if you read my blog ‘What my Boss’s Day look's like to me), the team thrives off the industry and bounce off the walls with excitement every single day. Hooah!


We have never been ‘Job Board Recruiters.’ Every other recruiter and most hiring managers have access to these nowadays and we want to keep it fresh. We have grown an extensive network over several years with some strategic hires to achieve this growth, we also have a very successful and generous referral incentive scheme driving this too. Our consultants embrace meeting with their candidates and clients and we try our best to attend as many industry events as possible. Hiding behind the comfort of Outlook is just not how we do things, deploy the troops!

We like to add real-value to our clients and this may well be in the form of your next best fee earner, or highly organised office superhero. But this could also be in the form of competitor insights that may allow you to position your brand more competitively, or offering you first pick of the best talent available ahead of your competitors (should you wish to utilise our premium service), or by providing a second opinion in your final round of interviews; we can even help with location if you are tight for space in your offices. We will do whatever we can do to tailor our services to offer you a bespoke solution to your hiring and branding strategy which is exactly why your weapon of choice should be your recruitment partner. Any more for any more?

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