What my Boss’s Day looks like, to me.

Working in recruitment is an emotional roller coaster. We’re not your typical recruitment office either; we work in an open plan office with eight other recruitment companies and it’s loud, diverse and very busy! There are 100+ consultants spending most of their days on the phone and nattering away about their prospective markets, most being the key word there. The longer I spend in this sector, the more I wonder what is considered normal in the workplace!

8.30am – Everyone has arrived and we are already being rallied to pick up the phone. We must achieve two hours for the day and at least two interviews booked. You know it’s going to be a good day when the office gong is smashed before 9am celebrating a new placement! #DreamTeam

My Boss is halfway through his granola when his mobile interrupts and I wonder if we are about to receive the details of a new role, the market is highly competitive right now. I’m gearing up, I can see my colleague’s ears extending to listen whilst racking their brains for potential candidates to send. “Love you lots, Mum.” Face palm.   

10am – My boss just said a prayer (I think) … we have a HUGE interview taking place this morning for an Executive position which could mean the difference between a team night out or a Boardroom bollock-ing. The noise level is slowly rising, I can hear laughter and screaming but I’m on the phone to a candidate. What is going on?! I try to remain composed and excuse the background noise but I am 95% sure my candidate thinks I work in a Zoo. My boss is now shouting at his screen ‘No, not him!’ ‘Why did you pick him!’ My heart goes out to the consultant whose interview has clearly just failed miserably but wait! The commotion was all thanks to Kyle Walker’s red card (Fantasy Football.) Face palm.

12pm – We’ve been informed of a weekly incentive to book 60 interviews and everyone is digging deep to find multiple options for their HOT candidates. We need to get out to create opportunities which has spiralled some healthy competition and two of the team are looking smart ready for their meetings. Lunch is soon approaching and my boss has already managed to think and talk about at least five different options ranging between pizza, KFC, Chinese etc. The troops are rallied once more and it’s been a successful morning with twelve interviews booked already. My boss distracts himself but lunch is clearly still very much on his mind and a hybrid version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Chicken Wing’ song is created. It catches on… face palm.  

2pm – Lunch is over but the chicken song is not and I’m pretty sure I’ve already gone mad. My Boss confesses he probably should have opted for a lighter lunch, it’s a good thing he’s meeting a candidate before their interview as he needs some “air” to walk it off. He finally decided on a burger with chicken wings on the side (of course). I’m not going to lie, the lingering scent of sticky BBQ sauce is making my mouth water but accounts quickly help me realise there is no time to dribble, the temp payroll needs running! With full tummies and energy levels topped up, the team is on top form smashing the phones, bouncing off the walls and of course making a lot of noise. My boss gets involved and leads the way beat-boxing... suddenly I feel like I’m back in an underground rave and I can’t find my way out! Face palm.

4pm – Thanks to a member of the team there is fudge on hand for a much-needed afternoon snack (although they were opened before 9am this morning). Funnily enough the other companies across the office floor are being very friendly. My boss grabs himself a piece and almost like magic receives a steaming coffee just in time to go with his sweet treat. The rugby ball has been discovered and my boss is encouraging a quick ‘to and fro’ with the team leader on our residential desk whilst exchanging ideas on the market; I quickly set the rules as I sit directly in the firing line! Face palm.

6pm – It’s been a good day; the interview went well which means my boss is in high spirits and a few of us plan to celebrate in the local. Some of the team have calls arranged later in the evening so we naively promise a ‘just one’ rule and swiftly make an exit… the next thing I know we’ve missed the last train! Face Palm.

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