What to expect in Real Estate this summer

As the summer season approaches, the real estate market is poised for significant developments and opportunities. With various initiatives and legislative changes underway, investors and industry professionals are gearing up for a season of growth and innovation. Here at GKR Real Estate Talent Experts, we're excited to share insights into what to expect in the real estate market this summer.

  1. Introduction of the Reserved Investor Fund (RIF): One of the most anticipated developments in the UK property market is the launch of the Reserved Investor Fund (RIF). This onshore investment fund is expected to unlock billions of pounds in new capital for UK property, offering a transparent tax status and simplicity in operation. With widespread industry support and constructive engagement from government officials, the RIF presents an exciting opportunity for both domestic and international investors to participate in various real estate projects, including town centre regeneration, social housing development, and achieving net-zero goals.

  2. Continued Growth in residential Real Estate: Despite recent challenges, the residential real estate market is showing signs of resilience and growth. With the easing of pandemic restrictions and increased vaccination rates, demand for housing is expected to remain strong throughout the summer. Low mortgage rates and government incentives for homebuyers are driving activity in the market, particularly among first-time buyers and those looking to upgrade their living spaces.

  3. Focus on sustainability and ESG initiatives: Sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations continue to play a significant role in real estate investment decisions. Investors are increasingly prioritising projects that promote energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to sustainable development goals. With the introduction of the RIF and other initiatives aimed at promoting green infrastructure and renewable energy, we anticipate a surge in investments in sustainable real estate projects this summer.

  4. Innovation in Property Management: The adoption of technology and innovative solutions in property management is expected to accelerate this summer. Smart building technologies, AI, and big data analytics are revolutionising the way properties are managed, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced tenant experiences. As property managers embrace these technologies, we anticipate a more streamlined and responsive approach to property management operations.

  5. Focus on community development and regeneration: The summer months present an opportunity for community development and regeneration initiatives to gain momentum. With government support and private sector investment, projects aimed at revitalising town centres, enhancing public spaces, and creating affordable housing are expected to take centre stage. These initiatives not only contribute to economic growth but also foster vibrant and resilient communities.

As we look ahead to the summer months, the real estate market is poised for growth and transformation. At GKR International, we're committed to supporting our clients and partners in navigating these exciting developments and unlocking new opportunities in the real estate market.