What's the worst that could happen?

I know there are mixed emotions around this time of year in London; the clock change is fast approaching and it feels like we’ve had more rain in the last fortnight than we’ve had all year! Whilst I completely agree that the winter season calls for woolly jumpers, fluffy coats, hats and scarves galore (with all the pom poms and frills), its important not to let things slip. Yes, I know that many of you will probably find the thought of someone attending their interview in their brand-new cutting-edge Hunter wellington boots rather humorous but, in all seriousness, stranger things have happened. If you are looking for a new job there are several other things to consider during the colder months so I’ve put together some top tips to help. It might be cold, but you still need to bring the heat to your interviews!

“Your train is delayed.”

Agreed, there is not much else more frustrating than public transport delays or getting stuck in traffic, and sometimes it’s difficult to swallow that you might have to take the fall for circumstances out of your control. However, these delays or accidents are mainly caused by extreme weather conditions, weather conditions that frankly should be predicted at this time of year so they shouldn’t come as a surprise. I urge you all to allow yourselves more than enough time to travel to your destination without any stress and without impacting your scheduled arrival time.

Fancy a hot beverage?

This links nicely with my last point as I would recommend when planning your arrival time, you include enough time to stop for a coffee nearby before your interview. Not only does this further mitigate the chances of your delayed arrival, it also provides you with valuable time to brush up on your research, use the bathroom, change your shoes etc. Finally, not all of the underground tube drivers respect the breaking rules and not all travel/takeaway cups are trustworthy; the last thing you want is to throw your hot drink all over you as you pull up to your stop with minutes to spare. By all means take your own tried and tested flask but find somewhere to stop nearby to have it before hand and use your time wisely!

Rain, rain go away.

If you are job searching during the winter season, please, please, invest in a good umbrella. Nothing ridiculous or expensive of course but nothing that folds up and into your handbag either. Something sturdy, discreet and a suitable size. This will be your new best friend and is a must-have to protect all the important things; first impressions count. Another thing to mention, though boring, is plastic wallets as they will come in very handy to protect your CV or any other recommendations of work on your way there.

Dress to impress.

Finally, you will want to carefully consider your interview attire and accessories. Now I joke in my introduction but the two main things we see more frequently than others are incorrect footwear and inappropriate coats when it’s colder. Of course, it is wet out there and we want to remain warm and dry, but these things aren’t excuses to resist the dress code. Regardless of the fact you will likely remove your coat the second that you walk into the reception area, a little common sense is required. If you do not own any suitable and waterproof footwear, then seize your opportunity in the coffee shop to change into others you’ve brought with you.

I realise it may seem like there is a little more working against you at this time of the year but don’t fret, the underground is finally beginning to air from the scent of sun cream and natural body odour… every cloud has its’ silver lining ey!

If you are looking for a new job in the property sector this winter get in touch with our team today. Our jobs list is far from cold and we are being instructed on new positions every single day. Recruiting into sales, lettings, new homes, commercial projects, building surveying, property management, office support, marketing and finance, we have a little something for most!

Written by Molly Shoesmith, Operations Manager at GKR London Property Recruitment.

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