When did it become acceptable to cancel interviews?

Although I haven’t been in Recruitment for a great length of time, I can hand on heart say that I am sick and tired of candidates who think it is acceptable to cancel interviews.

Recruiters put their companies’ names, their own name and their reputation on the line when representing candidates, submitting CVs and booking interviews. Each of which can easily be tarnished if we choose to represent the wrong candidates; those who don’t consider these reputations as an extension of their job search. Far too often, candidates forget or choose not to care about the consequences of a cancelled interview. The consequences us recruiters must then face head on as a result of your non-professionalism.  I have only come across a few candidates that have taken the time to understand and realise who they are representing in addition to themselves; often these have been junior candidates.

Perhaps this is partly due to the field of who I recruit for. Estate Agents have not got the best reputation in the world, recruiters aren’t far ahead I may add. However, when I have confirmed an interview with my candidate and respective client, I thought I could expect a certain level of integrity, interest and professionalism. I thought that candidates could be trusted to attend and to try their hardest to impress during the interview. I thought wrong. It is this distinct lack of professionalism which angers so many recruiters, including myself.

The excuses as well do not vary on the whole. They aren’t hard to spot. Often, they are received by text or email whilst candidates hide behind the comfort of a phone or computer screen knowing full well their dishonesty will be evident if they called. Mostly they chose not to say what the real reason is, which just angers me even more. Honesty is always best policy and if the cancellation is coming from a good place with intentions to rearrange, it is far more likely you will be able to do so if you are upfront with us from the get-go. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a text just half an hour before the interview saying “Something has come up. I can’t attend the interview today”. And you’re likely to burn that bridge with both your recruiter and the client who is expecting you.

The first 3 months of the year have not disappointed when it comes to candidates pulling out interviewing. Can I remind you that you are spoiling your chances as an applicant with us, you are burning bridges with some of the best hiring companies in the property industry that we partner with and you are closing doors before they have even been opened for you. I think I speak for all recruiters when I say please stop cancelling interviews. You are your biggest obstacle.

Written by Fergus Previte, Recruitment Consultant at GKR London Property Recruitment.

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