"You can't handle the truth!"

Proclaimer: We charge fees for the service that we provide. (Cue GASP’s)

Truth is… we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We are Recruitment Agents and we work in the property and construction sector providing an intermediary between our clients who are looking to hire, and our candidates who are looking for a new job. It’s our responsibility to provide the most suitable fit for both parties.

Truth is there’s a lot more to it than that. There are at least 30 different steps within the placement process for an entry-mid-level hire and we are responsible for the lot of them! Senior-Director-level – there’s even more steps involved!

We are not interested in working with organisations who don’t see the value in what we do; we are only interested in partnering with those who put their people first!

Truth is those who don’t see our value still rely on our help!

We’ll find them the most suitable candidate, introduce them, assist with preparation, arrange interviews and provide feedback (all whilst under the impression our work is being valued) to be cut out of the loop at the final hurdle! The client reckons they don’t owe us the fee? Hold up!

Truth is… we will come after what’s owed to us!

Too many times we see or hear of candidates joining companies we or other agents have introduced them to, without letting the respected agent know! Going behind the recruitment agent’s back or ‘forgetting’ where the introduction came from simply isn’t good enough.

Truth is… it often bites you in the backside.

Too many times we will then receive a call from the candidate to express the client has requested they no longer deal with us, to save the company from paying our fee.

Truth is… candidates’ normally have our back. We work hard to develop excellent relationships to ensure we are kept in the loop and provide an appropriate next step in their career.

So, when the candidate expresses their concern about a business who is not interested in paying for them to join, a business who signs on the dotted line but doesn’t deliver their promises, a business who doesn’t put people first?

Truth is… we will place them somewhere else!

We are human beings; we work hard to earn good money, so we can live the lifestyle we want, and we care about those we support more than we care for an unvalued fee.

Truth is we recruiters still tend to get the blame! Client - “It’s the Recruiter’s fault I signed their terms of business which reflects the level of service they have provided us with, the candidate they have found us and the fee that’s now due.”

We get it, not all recruitment agents are making us proud – there are some that are letting us down.

Truth is we couldn’t care less! We know we’re making ourselves and our valued clients proud by recruiting to the very best of our ability! We don’t compare ourselves to those who don’t.

Again, we get it, you may not believe us – you may think we’re a part of those letting the industry down.

Truth is… you only pay us if we deliver, and you hire a candidate because of an introduction we made.

Can you handle the truth? That’s the way we operate; and that’s the way we expect our client’s and candidates’ to as well. We work tirelessly to ensure we represent both the companies we recruit for and the skillset’s that we introduce them to, accurately. In many instances we are treated as a part of our clients’ teams’; we are kept up to date with staff development, we are regularly toured around their offices and we are even invited to work drinks and parties celebrating success. Success that their people – our people, who are put first, have worked hard to achieve! 

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