Your Office Superhero

You may not have realised it, but you could be sitting right next to a superhero. They may look ‘normal’ or like everyone else in the office, they may not be able to stretch their limbs to ridiculous lengths or travel from A to B at the speed of light, but they are a pivotal part of your company and without them it would be very difficult to go about your day job. I’m referring to your administrators – your office support staff; those who make it possible for you to focus on other things, those who make it easier for you sleep at night, those who spend their days streamlining others’ workflows. Those who, sadly, are rarely recognised for their contribution. Their powers:

One step ahead – Always in the know of new updates, product releases and market trends to ensure your team are well equipped and up to date. The meeting room will be set up before you ask, any new enquiries will be filtered through to the relevant team members before they arrive at the office and that interview which you had double booked without realising will be rescheduled on your behalf. 

Master of Data – Recognises the importance of data and keeping it organised. Reports will be collated where necessary to give clarity on internal processes, duplicates will be merged, and missing data will be obtained and inputted.

Increase Productivity – Essential to the day to day running of your office, recognising training requirements and standardising workflows. Providing an outsiders perspective and a fresh point of view can help you put to bed any bad habits that you may have failed to observe whilst working so closely with one another, and with so many other things to think about!

They are reactive too – Their to-do list is never-ending with planned stationary orders to do or holiday requests to approve, yet they can also react to ‘on the spot’ problems as they arise and prioritise what is most important. Quick thinking and using their initiative will come naturally to them.

Multitasking King/Queen – Often they are required to manage their workload as well as considering everyone else’s in your office. They will have the ability to create solutions to problems you’ve yet to realise existed, whilst answering the telephone, meeting and greeting any walk ins and being pulled from pillar to post to help John fix his telephone and show Jane how to use the printer – all with a smile on their face, too.

GKR London Property Recruitment recruit for all positions in the Property Sector and have a specialist Office Support team dedicated to the Superheroes’ out there. We’re pleased that many of our clients realise the importance of looking after you properly. The industry has seen an increase in salaries over the past twelve months as well as investing into newer technologies allowing support staff to maximise their potential. However, some of the industry is yet to learn that if your front office team is trailing behind, it most likely has something to do with your back-office team not functioning efficiently! Support Staff need to be recognised, they need to be involved and they need to be thanked for their contributions – just the same as a fee earner, as a manager or even as a director in the company. Their contributions may not be as obvious as the £15K deal John Smith just earnt you, but they will be the most consistent across the whole of your company.

If you work in Property and you’re looking to strengthen your office support team, GKR London are representing a wide array of excellent candidates seeking work in Lettings Administration, Tenancy Progression, Client & Office Accounts, Service Charge Accounts, Receptionists, Front of House, Office Managers, Personal Assistants – you name it! We can help you maximise their potential and utilise their powers!  

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