What Brexit?

As I write this blog the phrase “doom and gloom” springs to mind; it’s the middle of January, its cold and wet and any sunshine is (generally) nowhere to be seen. After another interesting week at Parliament, the majority of property related news articles I’ve come across suggest that the market is taking yet another turn for the worst. Not just in London, but across the UK.

Finding a new job is a balancing act. You must be organised, disciplined and during the Christmas period this can be tough. With that in mind, I can imagine a very small percentage of you have been proactive and successfully attacked the job search this month. New Year, New Me!! I can also imagine most of you are getting back into the swing of working life and you’re waiting for something to happen to prompt your next move; that big deal falls through, perhaps you’ve been overlooked for that promotion or maybe, your employer has once again changed your commission structure. OR, you’re waiting for an upturn in conversations at Parliament and a shift in mood before you to get in touch with us at GKR London Property Recruitment.

In stark contrary to all the above, I’ve found that this is THE best moment for your job search to start.

The Residential desk at GKR London continue to be at the forefront of the property recruitment market and are presently part of one of the most active and diverse property markets. Since returning in the New Year, there has been an influx of new job opportunities with some of the best agencies & developers whose top priority right now is to strengthen their teams.

This has been reiterated via several client meetings that I’ve been part of this year and I’ve also been reassured that every one of them is looking past Brexit. The leading names in property have become more open minded on who they’re upskilling; are you working in a different form of sales but see a role in property as a sector that you want to explore? Our clients have adapted to the present climate and are ensuring that they continue to add greater value to their Sales teams.

The first half of 2019 will prove vital for you to challenge yourself, why wouldn’t you be interested in potentially doubling your earnings with a commission structure that extends to 35%? Or, why wouldn’t you consider representing a boutique agency that allows unrivaled career progression?

It’s always easy to blame the market, but with well in excess of 150 live roles on the Residential desk, I feel confident that the talented team at GKR London can understand you, your next steps and will continue to take your career to the next level. If you are interested in more information or for your confidential conversation, please get in touch on – 0207 048 3304.

Written by Michael Woda, Director of Residential at GKR London Property Recruitment.


Some of our live residential opportunities include:

1. Sales Negotiator, Belgravia

2. Lettings Negotiator, Chelsea

3. New Homes Sales Consultant, multiple locations

4. Regional Sales Manager, SE & Surrey

5. Head of Lettings, Chelsea